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Time to Change

After eight full seasons of chronicling girls basketball in the State of Delaware, I am bringing this website to a close.  I had a 7-paragraph statement prepared listing all the reasons (there are many) and giving all the details.  But really, few of you are interested in that, so Iíll skip the inventory.  Uncharacteristically (for me), Iíll cut to the chase:  Iím tired.  Iím tired of the work that goes into the website and Iím tired of the near total lack of involvement Iíve had from the hoops community with regard to producing material (articles, photos, etc) for it on any kind of regular basis.  To do justice to the subject matter of required the website to grow beyond the work of one person, and if that development didnít happen after 8 years, it was never going to happen.  Also, I am tired of the complaints.  Positive words of support and encouragement always outnumbered the negative, yet, the complaints were still there, and as recently as the final games covered.  Lastly, do not think this decision hastily arrived at.  I deliberated all last winter season long about this moment.  I even considered ending the site at some point during the season.  But I thought the classy way would be to see the season through to the year-end awards, so I ďplayed out the stringĒ as they say.  I then decided to withhold announcement through the summer just on the long shot chance that I might reconsider.


To my awesome sponsors, Insta Signs Plus and Bernie's Water Ice, thank you for your generosity and for making possible such things as our iPOW t-shirts and Year End Awards.


To the girls who played hoops during the past 8 years, I tried my best to put as many of you on the site as possible.  To those still actively playing, hang in there!  Keep chasing that dream.  If you stick with it, basketball can give you a great life.


For those who really appreciated the site, it felt good to have had the opportunity to make you happy.  I will consider you always as friends.  I regret if this announcement disappoints you, but it is time for me to move on.  Time to turn a new page, start a new chapter in my life.  I look forward to the future with great optimism and a sense of adventure.


Jim Charles




Odds & Ends

To view material that has run on DGB since the State Title in March, you can check the Archives or the "Odds & Ends" page.


If you are looking for any story or photo that ran on this site at any time in the past, you will find it in the Archives.  And we're talking all the way back to 2006.  It's all still here!


Bernie's Water Ice

Bernie's Water Ice becomes the second business sponsor of  Bernie's will sponsor our year-end awards through at least 2013.  Tom and I appreciate the faith that Bernie's Water Ice has shown in and the willingness and generosity of this business to help us salute our student-athletes through our year-end awards.




A word to any athletic director or coach (of any sport) who happens to visit our humble little website:  We would like you to consider Insta Signs Plus for your needs in signs, screen printing, embroidery, full color digital printing, ad specialties & promotional items, awards, metals, trophies -- even stationery and business cards!  By visiting their website, you can see all they have to offer your team, your school, your organization or club.  When you contact them, mention that you saw them here and that you appreciate their active involvement in local youth sports.  They provide the t-shirts that go to all of our iPOW winners.


From a satisfied customer...


Margaret Sullivan sporting her Tigers warm-up t-shirt made by Insta Signs Plus.


Coach Leizear of the Tigers 10U team had this to say:  "Insta Signs Plus were very easy to work with, designed a great t-shirt at a great price and delivered them right on time."


Insta Signs Plus

107 J & M Drive

New Castle, DE  19720


Fax: 302-324-8811




On our YouTube channel, you can access over 100 girls basketball videos featuring such outstanding players like Telisha Turner, Jaquetta May, Elena Delle Donne, Kelley Doogan, Kristin Mills, Michelle Albanese, Andrea Hines and many, many more.



All photos and images are property of unless otherwise noted.  Taking/copying/publishing these images without permission constitutes copyright infringement.  Permission to use photos and images is easy to get!  Just email:

Want to look up an old story?

They're all still here in our Archives Section.





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