Spring/Summer 2011

Odds & Ends



Around the AAU Circuit...

History in the making.  The Lady Hawks AAU club debuted their teams and players at the Sparks

"Ignite Your Game" tournament this past weekend.

I believe this is the Hawks 9th grade team.  It appears that they lost the tip-off,

but they played well and were ahead at halftime, when we had to leave their game.

(The Hawks are in red.)


Alyson Davis plays for Smyrna High in the winter.


A wide-angle game action shot.


Coach Azer instructs his team.


This is Maura Conroy, a player for the 5th grade Magic team from the Philly area.  This

player was so outstanding that I don't think we ever saw a better 5th grader.  She

scored 25 points in the game we saw her in.  She scored whenever she wanted to.  And

there was nothing anyone on the other team could do about it.  But not just scoring.

She did everything right.  A real ease on the floor.  Poise personified.  She is playing

ball at a very good 8th grade level right now.  Although not a Delaware player, we

giver her props anyway!

(posted 04-11-11)



The Little Tigers sending special wishes to our Moms.

The Mighty Tigers (9U/4th Grade) had a fantastic weekend at their 1st Lizzie Haddon Tournament. The little superstars went 3 – 1 over the weekend. All eleven girls played hard and with every tournament they just keep “getting” better. Not only was the weekend a success on the court but the little ladies took time out to wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

“Because of you Mom…. We are winners on and off the court – Thank You Mom for your support.”

Little Tigers taking time for “snap shot” with Mom. The day could not get better, basketball, sunshine, beautiful trees and time with Mom and family!!!!


Thanks to coach Jenn Brown for the report and the photos.

(posted 05-11-11)




Giving Back

Lauren Baker Shares with Us the Rewards of Volunteer Coaching

(posted 05-09-11)



Weekend Wrap-Up - Lizzie Haddon Tournament


Jordyn Humes plays for the Tigers 8th Grade team.  Here she is in action against the Philly Belles.  Seen behind her is Belles head coach, Jessica Bogia.  Jess is a Caravel Academy grad, lending even more of a "Delaware" spin to this game.  The Tiger 8th Graders are currently 3 - 4 in A-Bracket competition.


Sarah Metz plays for the Tigers 6th Grade Team.  This weekend, she had a monster blow out tournament, including a 14 point performance in the final game.  In recent weeks, she has earned the job of starting point guard and seems to be truly making the most of it.


Payton Applegate is in her first AAU season for the Tigers 6th graders.  Blessed with the size of an 8th grader, Payton is a fine addition to the Tigers frontcourt.


When Margaret Sullivan isn't modeling for our t-shirt sponsor, Insta Signs Plus (scroll down the homepage), she plays hoops for St. Mary Magdalen and the 6th grade Tigers.  Fiery small guard who never lets up, Margaret has in 2011 already surpassed her point total from all of last year!


Lindsay Brown, otherwise known as "Brownie", is another skilled guard for the 6th grade team.  She is tied on the team for most 3-pointers on the season.  It also bears saying that Brownie could be the funniest player on the roster.  A year ago, we posted photos of her dunking at practice.  This year, she said she'd do it in an actual game.  We're still waiting, but there are a number of tournaments left, so who knows?  Maybe she'll unveil her dunk at Nationals.


High school coaches, be forewarned.  This is Lexi Bromwell.  At some point, you are going to have to deal with her.  If you're not lucky enough to have her play FOR you, then you're going to have the unenviable task of having to figure out how to stop her when she plays AGAINST you.  Last year, as a 5th grader, mind you, she scored 267 points for the Tigers.  This year, with 21 games played so far, and another 5 tournaments to go, she has 177 points, which, naturally, leads the team.  Okay.  So she can put the ball in the bucket.  Can she do anything else?  Funny you should ask.  Try these numbers on for size:  107 rebounds (leads team); 79 steals (leads team, by a mile!); 31 assists (leads team); a shooting percent from the floor of 43.4% (79-for-182, leads team); 4 three-pointers (co-leads team); a 53.6% rate from the free-throw line (2nd on team); 16 blocked shots (2nd on team).

Lexi has been consistently overlooked on this website -- probably due to the fact that she played for H.B. DuPont Middle School (7th/8th grade team) instead of CYM this past winter.  But make no mistake, this is a "major league" caliber 6th grader.  And it's about time we said so!

The Little Tigers sending special wishes to our Moms.

The Mighty Tigers (9U/4th Grade) had a fantastic weekend at their 1st Lizzie Haddon Tournament. The little superstars went 3 – 1 over the weekend. All eleven girls played hard and with every tournament they just keep “getting” better. Not only was the weekend a success on the court but the little ladies took time out to wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

“Because of you Mom…. We are winners on and off the court – Thank You Mom for your support.”

Little Tigers taking time for “snap shot” with Mom. The day could not get better, basketball, sunshine, beautiful trees and time with Mom and family!!!!


Thanks to coach Jenn Brown for the report and the photos.

(posted 05-11-11)



Diamond State Classic, 2011

The teams for the next edition of the Classic have been announced:


Appoquinimink High School, DE

Bp. McGuinness High School, NC

Caesar Rodney High School, DE

Caravel Academy, DE

Catonsville High School,  MD

Council Rock North High School, PA

Council Rock South High School, PA

Damascus High School, MD

Harvest Prep  School, OH

John Carroll School,  MD

Padua Academy, DE

Red Bank Catholic High School,  NJ

Sanford School, DE

Seaford High School, DE

South Shore High School,  NY

St John the Baptist High School, NY

St. Elizabeth High School, DE

St. Marks High School, DE

The Mary Louis Academy,  NY

The Tatnall School, DE

Ursuline Academy, DE

Walt Whitman High School, MD

Wilmington Charter School, DE

Wilmington Friends School, DE


As always, we see a real nice mix of teams coming to the Classic.  The Delaware contingent is interesting due to several schools sending teams that haven't done so in many years -- if at all.  The Classic may be 7 months away, but other than our State Tournament in February/March, this is THE premier annual event in girls hoops in the state. 

Tigers 5th Graders Break Even at Summer Rumble

by Bob Tucker




Summer League Stuff

Got out to Hockessin for summer league action Tuesday night, and as always, it was a lot of fun checking out the hoops and doing a little networking.  Always the highlight of a first night out to the league is seeing how the rising freshmen are handling the adjustment to high school ball.  Almost all have a bumpy first couple of weeks, but then, they all seem to "get it" around the third week or so.  Here's a couple of game action shots.  My apologies for the pics being in black and white, but the lighting at the PAL building (state-of-the-art facility, mind you) necessitated it.  So, just pretend for a minute or two that we're goin' old school and seeing these pics as they would've appeared in newspapers 20 or 30 years ago....


Charter's Maddy Lang.


I took note that during a 20-point loss to Padua, Lang was hustling every play as if it were a tie score playoff game.  But that's what you typically get from her.


DGB banner girl, Hailey Lawler, looking to pass around the Charter defender.


One rising eighth grader to keep an eye on is guard Alena Skowronski.  Skowronski, with ball, faces the defensive prowess of Padua's Sara Weiss.


Another shot of Alena.


Padua's Paige Lacek is the victim of a reaching foul on this play.


And here she is getting a free-throw for her trouble.


Photo of the Night has to go to Padua's Amanda Christopher on this nice form layup.


Padua's Maddy Waegele shooting a free-throw.


Lefty Liz Bates (DMA guard) uses her strong hand in this game against Friends.


Rising freshman, Renada L'Italien, NOT shooting a free-throw, but rather a three-pointer.  She drained the shot, her first taken on the night.




Now, to the action, from Baltimore Maryland...


We were in Maryland, home of the terrapins.  Actually, we were at The Park School, outside of Baltimore.  Lovely place.  They had a pool and a pond.  The pond was better for these guys!


Here's Lexi Stevens of the Delaware Lady Hawks.  I think I first saw Lexi play when she was in 4th or 5th grade.  Hard worker and a great kid.


The great Alyssa Irons.  Alyssa attended St. E's through this spring (8th grade).  Have heard several high school destinations for her, including Sanford and Ursuline.  She plays for the DVBA Comets out of Delaware County, and, in the game I saw, she started and got big minutes.


Morgan Grubb takes the ball up hard to the hoop for the Tigers 9th graders.


Rebecca Peet came up through the Ursuline system through 8th grade, then transferred to Archmere.  A life-long AAU Tiger since 4th grade.


A composite of Peet.  (Compare to her 4th grade pic a little further down the page.)


The 6th graders' Olivia Craig cracked the 200 points for the season barrier this weekend.  Her only fellow 200 point club girl, Lexi Bromwell, did not play this weekend.  Lexi, however, has a shot to break the 300 barrier at Nationals in July!


Three shots of Lindsay Bollinger doing what she does.  And what she does is play very steady basketball.  Lindsay became a "hundred/hundred girl" this weekend.  She already had 100 rebounds.  Now, she also has 100 points.


A year ago, Sarah Metz was probably the 6th or 7th man, and split her time between point and shooting guard.  This year, she came to the Tigers with a more serious, more dedicated work attitude.  The results?  She's been starting point guard ever since the second or third tournament.  She's is in the top five scorers on the team, and in the process, has doubled her point totals from last year.  More importantly, she's just better.  Better at protecting the ball.  Quicker in her movements.  More confident and accomplished at reading the floor.


Rebecca Peet from 2006 team picture.



Tigers 10U (5th Grade) Goes Undefeated in Season Finale!

Click Here for Team Report

(posted 07-01-11)




Jess Reynolds is a rising soph on a young and talented Caravel team.



I didn't have to film her very long before I got video of her using both sides of the basket to score.



The best way to describe rising freshman's Caroline Davis' style is to call it poetry in motion.

She's always very fluid and smooth in her movements.  Even last year, as a varsity starter

for the Lady Bucs, Davis was a focal point for Coach Caldwell's offensive schemes.

On defense, her height and incredible wingspan make her a shot blocking juggernaut.

(posted 6-29-11)

Midweek Wrap-Up

As I write this, the 6th grade Tigers have gone 1 - 3 at D2 AAU Nationals in Tennessee.  They are still playing, though, so we'll see.


The Angels 8th graders made it to Final Four of D3 Nationals in Florida.  The Semi-Finals were today, but AAU has yet to post the results.  Certainly hope that they're in the Finals!


Got out to Caravel last night for summer league games.  AAU had a big impact on the game schedule.  Charter couldn't field enough girls against Wilmington Christian.  So, they scrimmaged with "loaner" players from WC.  The Caravel/Unionville game wasn't even played due to much the same scenario.  Even the nightcap game, St. E's/Appo witnessed a Viking team with all of five girls showing up.  And still a couple of dads complained about playing time!  (Just kidding...)


In that Jags/Vikes game, it has to go noted that while Appo won the game convincingly (49 - 17), the comportment of the Appoquinimink players wasn't what it could have been.  I say that as a fan and friend of that program.  True, winter Head Coach Dan Pisani was not in the building, but that should hardly have mattered.  The issue was that the Lady Jaguars enjoyed the lopsided victory a little too much, and it was very evident and plain to see.  I'll stop short and say that it might not have been every Appo player, but it certainly was enough of them and seemed like a majority.  What was going on?  A lot of laughter.  To the point where it was disrespectful to St. E's and to the game.  There were also strange, derisive "in your face" noises directed at St. E's players.  For their part, the Vikings did not reply in kind, but just kept playing the game and suffering the behavior of the Appo girls.  In truth, it was nowhere near the worst on-court behavior I've ever seen.  It wasn't egregious.  But, it still reflected poorly on the team -- a team I've considered one of my favorite squads in the state over the last few years.  In the larger picture, I don't want the girls game to turn into the boys game.  Over the last couple of decades, we've seen the differences between the two styles diminish somewhat.  Since I began my involvement with the girls game in 1994, I've seen girls engage in trash talking, cheap shots, taunting & baiting, and even post-game misconduct.  If that's how it has to be -- if today's female players are making a statement that says they fully intend to be every bit as crude and offensive as their male counterparts and there's nothing we can do about it, then the purpose of this site (to promote the girls game) is coming to an end because I want to have nothing to do with this immaturity.


An Appo player takes a 3-point attempt.


Like all the St. E's players, Gabby Julian (rising 8th grader) played every second of the game.

Here she is readying an outside shot.


Jocelyn Rodriguez with a nice drive of the lane unfortunately has her scoop shot attempt blocked by an Appo defender.


Caravel coach, Kristin Caldwell, uses the down time of the cancelled 7:30 game to get in some throwing

in preparation of her participation on the USA Women's Baseball Team.

The team plays an international series in Cary, North Carolina in August.  Kristin also hopes

to help the team in 2012 when the Women's Baseball World Cup is next played.

You can CLICK HERE to see video of Caldwell warming up and to check out all the other

wonderful, fantastic and amazing DGB.com videos.


(posted 07-06-11)


Summer League Playoffs


Went to Thursday's round of playoffs at Caravel Academy.  Saw St. E's get by a Perilloless Charter, 41-20.  Saw a real nice Concord team advance against Wilmington Christian in what probably was the best played game of the night, 37-29.  We left at halftime of the Caravel/Hodgson game.  Hodgson started out real well, but Caravel came on and had a lead at the half.  The Lady Bucs prevailed, 37-15.


Anyway, here are some pics...


Brittany McLean, on the left, is a guard for Concord.  On the right, a Wilmington Christian player.  The WC girl came loaded for bear (which was appropriate as the game was played in Bear).  Played with a lot of heart and intensity.  Would love to get the names of the Wilmington Christian girl in order to give her proper credit.

A composite pic of good ol' Natalie Stella.  Nat is a real standout for the WC Warriors.

HVT's Shelby Cochrane shoots the ball over Caravel's Jess Reynolds.


Likely Opening Day starting point guard for St. E's is Jocelyn Rodriguez.

J-Rod's shown a lot of leadership over the course of summer league.


Thursday night marked the return to the hardwood of the one, the only Sabrina The Teenaged Basketball Player (a.k.a. Sabrina Hackendorn).  Sabs was out with a nasty ankle injury most of the summer.  She did very well.  Had some nice interior baskets and was her usual self monopolizing rebounds.  When asked her views regarding the 2011/2012 Lady Vikes, Sabrina quipped, "I have high expectations."


The absence of all-star forward Kelly Perillo made point guard Maddy Lang's job all the more difficult.  Still, she did all she could under the circumstances.



Finals Are Set!

Originally, the NCCo Girls Summer League was supposed to have finished up lock, stock, and barrel, yesterday, July 28th.  An evil combination of this, that and the other has conspired to push off the Finals to Monday, August 1st.  And it could've been a whole lot worse.  League officials started "cramming" games to make up for the delays and came very close to ending on-time.  ...That is, if nothing causes Monday night's games to get postponed.


Anyway, there was Semi-Finals action last night (Thursday) and we have the teams set for the two title games.


Gold Division

DMA 36, Friends/Tower Hill 32

Delcastle 29, Padua JV 26 (OT)


Blue Division

Caravel 32, St. E's 24

Padua 29, Unionville 21


The Finals will be played in back-to-back games beginning at 6:00, Monday, August 1, at Del-Tech Stanton, weather permitting.


Thursday night's Semis were, in some respects, a bit of a let down from the very high level of play we saw earlier in the week at Caravel.  Lots of sloppy play across all the games.  Maybe the players are just mentally out of it with all the delays and venue changes.  Who knows?  The Caravel/St. E's game may have possibly set a new world record for most turnovers in a game (286) and most in one half, the first (271).  Okay, those numbers are a little exaggerated.  But only a little.  Caravel was missing Yasmin Walker and Heather Wiley at point, but Micah Morgan held down the fort well enough.  Caroline Davis came up with some baskets at critical times.  I thought St. E's was going to give the Bucs a far better game than they did.  No one specific reason for the loss.  Just a general underperformance by too many people on the same night.


Padua varsity knocked off Unionville.  The records will show an 8-point win, but the game was won much more decisively than that.  Padua had huge leads and only let U-ville back into the game late.  As I tell everyone, these Pandas are a hard to figure out bunch.  No stars.  No future hall-of-famers.  There were even 2 or 3 girls playing who I don't even know!  Yet, these "no-names" play exceptionally good ball.  And as you go down the bench, there's hardly any drop off.  If I don't put them in this coming winter's Pre-Season Top Five, I'm going to have to explain why.  Good little team.


Delaware Military Academy has had some very tight games as they have wound their way through the playoffs.  And to me, that's rather surprising.  Do they go into games overconfident?  Right now, they've got four players who are ready for prime time.  And that's about two more than most teams.  So, the math is on their side.  They are missing a true "big" in the post, but what Delaware team isn't?  Depth of bench is going to be an issue this winter, but their starters are strong.  Kind of like a mini-Sanford of recent years, without Anjaleace White.  ...That general team blueprint.  Every season (summer and winter), there are always one or two teams that I just don't get to see enough (or any) of.  In summer ball this year, that dubious honor went to Friends/Tower Hill.  I just never got to see the Friendly Hillers in action.  And that's my loss.  Those girls deserved some attention.


If there was a "Game of the Night", it had to be the overtime Delcastle victory over Padua JV.  Very exciting final few minutes of the second half.  Lots of big plays on both sides.  For Padua, though, there is no need to hang their heads.  After all, this was their JUNIOR VARSITY team that came oh so close to beating a varsity team that won the State Title in 2009.  Personally?  I think the Padua girls deserve a team party.


Stay with us through coverage of the Finals.  Hopefully, we'll have an iPOW (or two) to award!  In the weeks to follow, we'll induct a couple of newly-qualified players to our Great Players of the Past hall of fame kind of thing.


There's always something going on at DGB!




So Hard to Keep Up!

It has been a real chore, lately, keeping up with the concluding games of this year's Summer League.  One thing or another has thrown the schedule into a tizzy.  When we've had actual basketball, it's been brilliant and fun.  On the other hand, with games happening daily, little time is left in a day to attend to mundane but important tasks like laundry.  It's literally come home from work, change clothes, go straight out to the games, get home 10:00, go to bed.  No big deal if it was every so often, but the frequency has become intense of late.  Enough complaining, though.


Tuesday Recap...


Padua 44, Concord 23

I really like Concord this year.  I thought they were on a fast track to making a major move this winter.  But this game is causing a reassessment of that thinking.  Padua's strong.  No doubt about that.  And they have a very deep bench.  But they have question marks at point and no stellar bigs.  Even so, I look for them to have their best winter season in many a year.  For now, they stay alive in the hunt for a Summer League title.


Unionville defeats Sanford

The defending State Champions will, no doubt, have their work cut out for them if they hope to pull off a threepeat.  Amber Genwright looks awesome at point, and she'll be joined by Anjaleace White and Johanna McMillan (neither of whom have we seen much of this summer, including last night).  The fact that Sanford was down a couple of key veterans did not help their cause against a tough Unionville team.  Sanford is eliminated.


St. E's 34, Appoquinimink 29

Unlike the last time these two teams squared off, which resulted in a very lopsided Appo win, the Lady Vikings had studs like Macy Robinson and Sabrina Hackendorn present and accounted for.  And yet, while their contribution was substantial, it was Jocelyn Rodriguez who was the difference.  She simply played out of her mind.  Best game I've ever seen her play.  She was involved, somehow, in every play, it seemed.  Certainly winter head coach Tom Ferrier must be pleased.  If he had any questions regarding the point guard position for this coming winter, J-Rod surely answered some of them Tuesday night.  Like Padua, St. E's is definitely on the upswing these days.  Congrats to Appo for running the table in the regular season of summer league with a 10-0 record.


The Blue Division (the more competitive bracket) Semi-Finals are now set for Thursday night.  It'll be St. E's vs. Caravel and Padua vs. Unionville.  Good luck to our 3 Delaware teams, and may Unionville go down in flames.  (Just kidding about Unionville!  I'm a native Pennsylvanian myself.)


Sanford's Amber Genwright


Sanford rising freshman, Ayanna Thompson


Senior guard, Appo's Amani Clark.  Coolest shoes in the league.


Appo forward, Amber Cale


The Player of the Night as far as I'm concerned, Jocelyn Rodriguez.

Played a phenomenal game.  She'll make a mistake, then do ten good things.

Jocelyn is definitely peaking right now, and it couldn't come at a better time for the Vikes.


Our Photos...

All of the summer league photos of late have come courtesy the extraordinary skills of Dennis Leizear.  Collectively, these photos contribute to the priceless archive of images displayed on this website since 2006.  Ninety-nine percent of all the photos ever seen on DGB are still accessible by browsing our Archive section.  Anyway, big thanks to Dennis Leizear for his camerawork. 





Is Summer League Cursed or What?


If it's not one thing, it's another!  When the Summer League extracted itself out of Hockessin PAL in order to escape the heat, little did it realize it would have to contend with a leaky roof at Del-Tech!  Someone "up there" doesn't like Summer League!  In any event, it was kind of a bizarre evening Monday night.  The 6:00 game, Padua JV vs. HVT JV was not played.  Apparently, a forfeit by one team or the other.  The 7:00 game was a good one.  Delcastle prevailed over a hungry William Penn team that's only a player or two away from being a contender.  Speaking of Delcastle, they seem as strong now as they've been since winning the State Title in 2009.  Then, with three minutes to go in the 8:00 game - DMA vs. A.I. DuPont - the senior ref had a nasty slip and fall on an unseen puddle of water on the floor caused by a leaky roof during a heavy rain storm.  I believe DMA was up 28 - 25.  Anyway, the game was called at that point and the 9:00 game was postponed entirely.  I suppose DMA and A.I. will resume the game and play out the final 3 minutes sometime this week.  Maybe tonight.  Anyway, kudos to Phil Sanderson (Summer League Coordinator) for dealing with one exasperating situation after another this year.


So, to recap, 4 games scheduled.  One played to completion.  One to be resumed.  One postponed and one forfeited.  What a strange homestretch for Summer League this year.


UDP.  Unidentified Delcastle Player.  Whoever she is, she played with a lot of heart and desire.  Nice little guard.


Shakera Wooten seemed to be used as a back-up point guard and off-guard.  Multi-skilled.  Quick-thinking.


This is rising junior Gabriella Spitelli.  For Delcastle, she's the straw that stirs the drink.  Very commanding presence on the floor.  Just outstanding at moving the ball to where it needs to go.  There are point guards and there are war-time point guards.  Consider Gabriella among the latter.


A couple of gifted, but unknown (to us) Penn players.  Help us move these young athletes into the known column!  DelGirlsHoops@delawaregirlsbasketball.com


Yeoman point guard, Natalia Romero brings it up for the Tigers.  Not loud.  Not flashy.  Just gets the job done.


Danielle Grimes was incredible!  Didn't look at the scorebook, but it seemed she had 12 to 15 points for A.I.  For awhile, everything she threw up was going in.


Some DMA pics...

The Great Liz Bates


The (just as) Great Leigh Ann Lennon


We don't have a Rookie of the Year Award in high school basketball, but if we did, Renada L'Italien might be a good person to put your money on for the upcoming winter season.  Plays the game like a good junior or senior.  Didn't come out of the game once, though only a rising freshman, and there were subs available.





Emma Julian has fun during the tournament.




The DVBA Comets, based out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, had a nice little run in D2 Nationals this summer.  They won 2nd Place/Silver in the Division II Classic Bracket Championship game.   There are three girls from Delaware on that team:  Alyssa Irons (#44, 2nd from right, seated); Miranda Hill (#11, standing, far right); and Chrishyanah Alston (#4, standing, far left).  Alyssa and Miranda will be attending Ursuline Academy this fall while Chrishyanah will be going to Sanford.  All three are rising 8th graders.  This past spring, during the AAU "regular season", the team -- a true 7th grade squad -- played only against 8th and 9th grade competition, dropping back to their actual grade competition for Regionals and Nationals.  Congratulations to the team and especially to the Delaware girls on it!




Tigers Win and Tigers Lose


Katie Hosey (8th Grade Tigers) attempts to shoot over Olivia Winslow (7th Grade Tigers)

in Malvern Fall League game played on Sunday, Sept. 18th.


Over the last two seasons or so, I can't think of a more improved player

than 8th grader Nina Budischack.  Here, Nina shoots over 7th grader

Cara Grzbowski.


Perhaps the greatest difference in her game is that Nina seems so

much more "comfortable" with the ball these days.  Her style

of play has also gotten much more physical.


This is 8th grade guard, Helen Lynch -- at left, during warmups, at right, bringing the ball

up the court.  Helen brings a great attitude and love of the game to her team.

After getting up 14 - 0 after the first quarter, the 8th graders cruised to a

30 - 20 win over the 7th graders.  The 7th graders could take solace in the

fact that over the last 3 quarters, they actually "won", 20 - 16.  But, alas,

basketball is a 4 quarter game!  Maybe that will teach the younger Tigers to

not wait for the game to come to them, but to play strong right from tip-off.


(posted 09-19-11)



Wednesday Night Workouts for 6th through 8th Graders


Coach John Kulesza, head coach at Conrad, is running weekly workouts for

players in grades 6 through 8.  The workouts are very structured, but always moving.

Style-wise, coach treats even the 6th graders as though they are capable

of learning high school level basketball concepts and skills.  Nine times

out of ten, the girls do not disappoint.


A slightly blurry Julia Furey-Bastian takes it up left side.


Coach Kulesza (a 1986 State Champion with Sanford) is as intense

as this photo suggests, but....


....not so much that players like Lindsay Bollinger can't have fun.


(posted 09-22-11)


Sunday Morning Workouts at UA


A kind of random sampling of some of the different drills that Coach Noonan

puts the girls through.  On Sunday mornings, there are two sessions.  One

for high school aged girls and another for grade schoolers.  This video

features clips from both sessions.


One day at a John Noonan camp or workout I learn more about the game

than I do from attending 3 seasons of games.  In fact, there is so much

knowledge being provided by Coach Noonan that I probably forget more things

he teaches in one camp session than many high school players (and

some of their coaches) have ever learned.


A group dribbling drill.


Frosh forward, Alex Thomas is a St. E's Viking.


JFB is all about working on her skills.  Farther down the page, you

can see her at Coach Kulesza's workouts too.  Her shooting

technique is killer these days.  She shoots from on top of her head

just like the pros.  Very few girls pop shots like that -- at any level.


The "Face of DGB.com", if there is such a thing, is guard Hailey Lawler.

This is the old "tennis ball drill", which I think was first perfected

by Bobby Knight in the 60s, with a little help from Rod Laver.

Hailey is flanked by Natalia Romero (to her right, our left) and Alyssa

Irons (to her left, our right).  I couldn't do this drill if my life depended on it.


This is some Pennsylvania player who plays AAU for the Comets.  She was quite tall

and lanky.  My guess is that she's a forward, but I'd use her as a guard.  Good with

the ball, nice shot.  Well-rounded player.  She reminded me a lot of UA legend

Lauren "LB" Baker with a bit of St. Mark's Alison Zimny thrown in for good measure.

Not just physical resemblance, but her entire style.


A parting shot of The Noonanator.


(posted 09-26-11)