Summer League

Blue Division Semi-Finals

Caravel and St. E’s Advance to a Replay of the Winter Finals


Game 1

St. Elizabeth’s 30, St. Mark’s 12


Good turnout both crowd-wise and player-wise for this Final Four matchup.  As it developed, the game was something of a foregone conclusion.  The Vikings more or less had their way, running out to an 18 – 4 lead at halftime.  Eighteen is a terrible enough amount to have at the half, but 4 is obviously much worse.  Four Spartans scored with only one able to find the basket more than once, Claudia Seemans, who notched a 2 and a 3-pointer.  This is a very anemic offensive performance on St. Mark's part.  What is perplexing is that, individually, this team brings skills.  They can field a more-than-decent five-player shift.  Besides missing shots, though, it’s hard to figure out what they are doing wrong.


By contrast, St. E’s is actually looking stronger than last year.  Can you imagine what this means?  All around them, it seems that the other teams have gotten worse or stayed the same while the reigning State Champs have improved and gotten deeper.  We may be on the verge of a Viking dynasty.


The Vikes spread out the scoring attack rather democratically.  Macy Robinson had 7 points; Alex Thomas and Sabrina Hackendorn had 6 each.  Jordyn Humes chipped in 4.


Alyssa Simmons shoots the ball.


Cassidy Flanigan does likewise.


Claudia Seemans is careful to keep the ball away from Macy Robinson.


Speaking of Macy...

In the background, it looks like Alex Thomas knows the answer.  I sure wish the teacher would call on her.


Jordyn Humes shows nice technique on this attempt.



Game 2

Caravel 36, Padua 29


I am really beginning to like Padua’s chances this coming winter.  They will benefit from essentially staying the same.  This coming season’s Pandas will look more or less the same as they’ve looked the last 2 or 3 years.  And the way that the teams are shaking out these days, a roster that can maintain the status quo is a team that will do better next year.  Padua has always had deep lineups.  This coming year, I believe they will be the 1st or 2nd deepest team in the state.  It’s nice when you can do a 5-for-5 shift change and not lose anything.  That’s Padua.  Yet for all that, Caravel prevailed this night by 7.  That is mostly explained by the will and determination of the Bucs’ Ky’Asia Stanford, who scored 13 points – to lead all scorers in both semi-final games.  She had some help.  Jess Reynolds had 7, as did Micah Morgan and rising frosh, Grace Lange.  Caravel and St. E’s will be able to defeat Padua most nights this coming winter, but very few other teams will be able to say that.


Ya know, it needs to be said.  Whenever Emma Matthews shoots, you're gonna see a disciplined approach.  She'll take that extra little fraction of a second to square her shoulders, align her shooting and guide hands, and put her eyes on the hoop.


Rachel Liszkiewicz, thinking up ways to damage her opponent's chances of winning.


Ky'Asia Stanford looked much better in the semis than she did in the quarters when she literally hustled up from Florida and joined the game in mid contest.


Intensity in ten cities:  Micah Morgan


Two of the finest players on the court, Emma on offense, Ky'Asia on defense.



In the Gold Division, Archmere and Concord won, keeping their hopes of a summer trophy alive.


Jim Charles